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Designed with purpose.
Implemented with confidence
and care.


We build Cloud, Data & AI architectures and operating models as your sparring partners
in the digital age.


CLOUDTONE is a boutique Cloud, Data & AI strategy and architecture advisory firm with head office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

We provide Cloud, Data & AI advisory services in the areas of

  • single- and multicloud architectures

  • cloud operating models

  • scalable data & AI solutions

We help you strategize and execute your projects on hyperscaler cloud infrastructure, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) while leveraging state-of-the-art Data & AI technologies such as Open AI's GPT-4.

Much like changemakers of the past have joined forces on a global scale to build the physical world we know, we step in as your trusted sparring partners to make your organization win on the digital playing field.

We redefine Cloud, Data & AI advisory as tech sparring partnership for change because we believe in the power of cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence as the driving strategic and operational force behind the most complex technology project ever undertaken by mankind:

Building our shared future in a world that is being re-architected on digital grounds.

Modern Structure _edited.png
Cloud, Data & AI Advisory redefined

Confidence in you.
Trust in
Sparring for
in Cloud,
Data & AI


means building inner strength and competitive power through trustful partnering with deep tech experts and cloud & AI strategists that understand the context of your business and connect the dots for your organization.


Working with us as tech sparring partners is a shared commitment to:

  • No clutter: Honest, independent and nuanced conversations about what really matters and works in the cloud

  • Foundation first: Rigorous focus on establishing a secure baseline cloud infrastructure until ready to scale

  • Strength from within: Enablement of organic cloud teams that drive sustainable innovation from the inside


With confidence and care, we build and govern hyperscale cloud computing journeys designed to make a difference.

Azure, AWS, GCP Architecture & Onboarding

Expert architectural advisory support right from the start to help your teams build scalable and secure cloud foundations. Designed and implemented for lasting impacts in your organization.

Cloud Architecture Review

In-depth revision of complex single- and multicloud environments and critical infrastructure components that currently prevent you from unleashing your full potential in the cloud.

Cloud Upskilling
on Demand

Deep tech advice for your tech teams on their journey to change.
Cloud Governance mindset enablement in every part of your organization to help you capitalize on untapped organic talent value.


Our specialist portfolio of expertise in technical cloud architecture and cloud operating model design and implementation

Cloud Network & DNS Architecture

On-premise to cloud network and DNS design

  • Peer-to-peer

  • Hub and spoke

  • VPN connectivity

  • Network redundancies

  • IP Sec Tunnel configuration & encryption algorithms

  • BGP configuration

  • Cloud Network Structures

  • Firewalls & Routing

  • Private DNS

Cloud Resource Organization
  • Cloud account structure and hierarchy

  • Ownership & Permission Management

  • IaC Automation of account subscription provisioning

  • Policies and compliance management

Cloud Zero Trust Security
  • Zero Trust Networking Architecture

  • Secrets and Key Management

  • Service Principle Authentication via OIDC

  • Key Vault Architecture

  • Key Rotation Automation

Cloud IAM Management
  • Employee Cloud Onboarding

  • Cloud Responsibility Matrix & technical implementation

  • Active Directory synchronization

  • Self-service enablement: Just in time access (JIT) & permissions

  • Privileged Identity Management

  • Service principle & technical account creation: Automation & workflows

Cloud Automation DevOps & IaC
  • Infrastructure provisioning via Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • Automated Landing Zone provisioning based on security and compliance standards

  • IaC and DevOps tooling selection

  • Employee Upskilling on IaC and DevOps technologies and frameworks

  • IaC Code Delivery & Upskilling

  • Secrets Management

Cloud Billing & Governance

​Cloud Governance

  • Logging concept design and technical implementation

  • Audit trails, alert automation and monitoring

Cloud Billing

  • Billing tenant structure

  • Billing Organization as per department/ project structure

  • Cloud Service Provider Contracting

Think we would make a good sparring match?

If you value honest conversations and true partnerships as much as we do,

let us think out loud together.  You get to know us. Without any further clutter.

We are here to listen. To who you are and what really matters to you.

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